East-West Communications supports, as a partner with expertise, trade relationships between Central and Eastern Europe. We also serve as experts for special projects in internationalization between clients in the U.S.A., Switzerland, and individual C.I.S. states.

In focus: Central and Eastern Europe

For customers from Switzerland (or Germany), our activities are concentrated on Russia and the other CIS states. The region begins on the present eastern boundary of the European Union and extends from central Eastern Europe to Siberia.

In addition to major projects in Russia, we also accompany companies in an extension of their business to the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia.

In Southeastern Europe, we are specialists for the western part of the Balkan Peninsula; our work is focused on attending to business in Serbia, Croatia, and the other successor states of former Yugoslavia.

A continuously growing number of businesses in Eastern and Southeastern Europe also belong to our valued clients.

Services on an individual basis – or as a strong export package

East-West Communications offers assistance in developing solid business relationships in Eastern Europe with important services such as export consulting, professional language support, and business seminars, this can be individually or in combination: from one source. – As your dependable expert and partner.

You will find the flyer to our services (portfolio) here.