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East-West Communications offers you expert translations in the following Eastern European Languages:

Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovenian, Croatian /Serbian / Bosnian, Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Hungarian.

And in both directions: for translations to and from German. Moreover, upon request for individual other language combinations, for example Russian-English.
We are pleased that we can look back on approximately 15 years of experience as language experts for Eastern European languages. Our clients include internationally active enterprises, public offices, experts from the areas of education & culture, social offices, health services, and many private clients.
We also take on challenging texts which require special branch or factual knowledge. For example, technical operating manuals, documentation with desktop publishing, legal texts, or texts from the areas of finance, information technology, pharmaceuticals and medicine, etc. Our East West Communications translator pool, carefully built up over the years, is available for this task: experienced professional translators, some of whom have special knowledge, who collaborate with us in Switzerland and abroad. It is an obvious matter of course: our language experts always translate into their own native languages. Careful proofreading is included in our tariffs.
East West Communications translations represent a particularly attractive price to quality ratio.
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Excellent interpreters have the corresponding factual training, continuous practice, flexibility, the ability to react quickly and to be able to think on their feet, are used to gaining knowledge in a new factual area quickly, and have pleasant manners.

In East West Communications, you have competent partner for interpreting in and from Eastern European languages. As an expert with extensive experience, we will help you plan the use of interpreters and will provide the most suitable interpreter for your event and for your factual area of work:

Regardless of whether this is for business meetings, contractual negotiations, conference interpreters. Or in the use of interpreters at official agencies (e.g. judicial authorities, federal offices, municipal and social offices). We also have many requests from private persons, for example for interpreting at civil marriages, etc.

Interpreting is the job that our experts do for you with competence and flair.

We work with a large number of excellent collaborators whom we carefully select for each project based on their abilities and their past work.

Our palette of interpreting services:

Russian < > German
Russian < > English
Ukrainisch < > German
Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian < > German
Bulgarian < > German
Albanian < > German
And other Eastern European languages.

Types of usage:

- Consecutive interpreting: for discussions, contractual negotiations, seminars, etc.
- Simultaneous interpreting (translation from booths) by experienced conference interpreters
- Whispered interpreting for individuals (for events, seminars, etc.)

Places of use:

- The location of your event in Switzerland.
- For business conferences and seminars: any location of an event in Eastern Europe.


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Our references and experience:

We are engaged with internationally active enterprises, Swiss national offices, the Justice Department, and with many private persons. Please look at our list of references.

Managing Director Regula Spalinger has a university degree from the University of Zurich in Slavic languages and English. She spent one year each in Zagreb, Croatia, and St. Petersburg, Russia. She regularly makes business trips to various Eastern European countries.
She completed additional training in the area of economics and justice, and earned an additional degree for "transcultural interpreting in public offices" (Certificate INTERPRET, make her especially aware of the profile for competent interpreters. As an interpreter, she works several times a month for events in Russian and Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian.   [BACK]

Foreign language secretarial offices


Small and medium sized businesses often find themselves in the situation that their business partners in the Russian language area do not or barely speak English / German. This occurs in particular far away from central areas and for Russian (Ukrainian, Belorussian, Kazahk, etc.) production companies concentrated in Eastern European markets.

A practice that has proven to be effective is having East West Communications support small and medium Swiss businesses with correspondence in foreign languages (emails, fax) and with targeted telephone conversations in Russian. This system allows the rapid exchange of important information or quick response to questions.

Our experience shows us that this service is of great value, as it thus strengthens the trust between the Swiss and the Eastern European firms. Russian and other Eastern European business partners with limited knowledge of foreign languages truly appreciate it when they can discuss certain technical questions or talk about other items thanks to the courtesy of their partner.

We offer foreign language correspondence with telephone services in Russian:
German - Russian
English - Russian

Mandates can be booked on an hourly basis.

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Negotiation support

Managing director Regula Spalinger can support you personally in contractual and other negotiations.

This means that you will have an interpreter at your side who is not just familiar with your partner's language and cultural traditions. But one who is also proficient in questions concerning exports. Ms. Spalinger studied Slavic languages and English in Zurich, Zagreb, and St. Petersburg and also has a diploma as manager in foreign trade.

A particular advantage is that support takes place at the prices for normal interpreters.

German < > Russian
English < > Russian

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