Export promotion



Export consulting: Short-term mandates

Short-term mandates from one to a maximum of eight hours. Please ask for a free offer.

On themes such as import regulations, customs, legally prescribed product certification for certain Eastern European markets, recommendations on customs agents, transport companies / shipping agents.

Recommended business lawyers or local financial services providers (among others for administrative accounting of small and medium sized businesses, SMB).

Further consulting services upon request.   [BACK]

Market research / Market studies

On your products in the target market. Combinable with the search for sales agents or cooperation partners.

Our offer already contains the exact targets which were discussed with you. In the buyer's market, we work together with our proven and experienced experts in internationalization.

In studies, we integrate, in addition to desk research (access to suitable sources, among others in the official language), telephone and direct interviews with local branch specialists and with your potential cooperation partners.   [BACK]

Establishment of foreign representatives

We support you in the establishment of a representative office or a subsidiary in the target market.

This could be through the recommendation of a lawyer specialized in economics who can assist you with all formalities, or with our accompaniment to government agencies, including interpreters on site.

You can also rely, as needed, on our professional translation department for legally required documents.   [BACK]

Recruitment of highly skilled personnel

You are looking for a manager with occupational experience in Eastern Europe. Or you are planning on hiring an assistance with business training, special factual knowledge, or fluent in German, English, and Russian.Our own network connects us to a large number of employees with university degrees or technical training. We also work with a number of suitable Eastern European recruitment companies. Meaning that we can also advise you competently when you are seeking to fill management positions in Eastern Europe.     [BACK]

Accounting for companies located in Switzerland

For those companies located in Switzerland we offer financial and payroll accounting by our Head of Finance and Accounting:

1. Finance Accounting and Annual Financial Statement
2. Debtors and Dunning
3. Accounts Payable and Payments
4. Taxes: Tax on Earnings, Capital Tax, Withholding Tax (Verrechnungssteuer), VAT
5. Human Resource Management: Payroll Accounting and Social Insurance    [BACK]