East-West Communications acts as a service provider to the private sector. This sector includes the majority of our foreign economic projects.

On the other hand, we are active regularly in official receptions for delegations of East European states in Switzerland and for international business seminars. We interface directly between politics and business as co-organizers, via subject-area experts or by deployment of translators and conference interpreters.

Productively, we can bring into play our working relations with economic and political institutions in Eastern Europe and Switzerland, such as ministries, trade agencies, regional economic development agencies, etc., for our primary customers, or small, middle, or large enterprizes.

These companies, institutions, and NGOs have put their trust in us (sample selection) *:

Agro Marketing Thurgau AG

ALCAN Int. Network Eurasia LLC, Russia (Moscow)

Alfred Wertli AG  Horizontal Continuous Casting, Winterthur

ALPIQ  Largest energy company based in Switzerland

ALUBA AG  Architecture & contruction management

BASWAacoustic AG  Acoustic systems

braumSystems d.o.o., Serbia

CIBA Vision AG
International manufacturer of contact lenses

Eternit (Schweiz) AG  Roof- and façade systems

Fachberatung für den Aussenhandel, Germany
Expert consultancy specialized in establishing worldwide business relations

Flughafen Zürich AG
Zurich Airport

Geobrugg AG  Security Engineering

Global LT, Ltd.
Language & Relocation Services, USA (Michigan)

Impana AG
Industrial measuring and quality control for nuitrition, food and farm products

Khimicheskiye Produkty LLC, Russia (Chelyabinsk)

Kuoni Reisen AG  Leading travel specialist of Switzerland

Meister Abrasives AG  High precision abrasive products

MITECO SYSTEM d.o.o.  Environmental protection, Serbia

Pixy AG   Customer specific mobile vizualisation systems

Polarkälte GmbH  Refrigeration- and heat technology

PMD AG  Fashion Agency, distribution

PS Fashion Design, Serbia

Radco Industries Inc., USA (La Fox, Illinois)

Leading international water and environmental service company

Rosukrenergo AG, Russian-Ukrainian
Joint Venture for gas distribution to consumers
in Eastern and Western Europe, Switzerland

Ryser - Schoop AG  Wood veneer production

Silidur AG
Construction materials for structural and civil engineering

School for International Business, Zurich

SES Strategic Expansion Solutions, Zurich & New York

Stöhlker AG  Business consultancy, Zollikon-Zürich

Sumadija Agrar  Import-Export of food products, Serbia

TOPWORK AG  Executive Search, Zurich

TRUST Group, Russia (Rostov-on-Don)

ZAO "Novyj Dom", Russia (Tyumen)

Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Central Europe SEC

Holzenergie Schweiz
Wood Energy Switzerland

OSEC Business Network Switzerland

Swiss Labour Assistance SLA

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

Standortförderung des Kantons Zürich
The Canton of Zurich's Economic Development Department

* In the translation services industry, our associates are also engaged by private entities, judicial authorities, social services, and cultural and educational organizations (schools, universities, associations).  If you need references in this area, please feel free to contact us.