Regula Spalinger

Regula Spalinger    Regula Spalinger (born in 1964) has worked in the area of economic consulting for more than 15 years. Her company East-West Communications (KOW, established in 1997) supports enterprises from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe in the expansion into new sales and supply markets. KOW has attained an excellent reputation in the branch over the past years, also with Swiss Federal Offices and export support agencies such as the OSEC or diverse chambers of commerce in Switzerland and abroad.
Regula Spalinger has a degree as manager in foreign economics (two year extra-occupational education in Zurich, completed in 1997). Before this, she studied Slavic languages at the Universities of Zurich, Zagreb, and St. Petersburg (completion of degree [equivalent to master's degree] in Zurich 1994).

Before and during her education as manager in foreign economics, Regula Spalinger worked as a freelance translator and interpreter and as a foreign language teacher. She was head of the secretarial office of an internationally operative Russian trade concern with a subsidiary in Zurich from 1995-96.

As managing director of KOW, Ms. Spalinger is also active as an expert lecturer on export themes, in particular in connection with Eastern European companies, among others for the Swiss School for International Business SSIB in Zurich, Switzerland. KOW has increased its activities in the area of seminar organization in the last years, in cooperation with partner organizations in Switzerland, Russia, and Southeastern Europe.